About Us

BYO 40 YRSBYO (BANGLADESHI YOUTH ORGANISATION) was established by new arrival young people from Bangladesh and Pakistan, making Bradford their home back in 1982. A group of young people felt there was little for them and wanted to organise themselves to meet the growing needs of newly arrived families and children to Bradford and meet the gap in service provision.

Today we are a registered charity (charity number 1129714) – with lots of activities and services for children, young people, women and girls and local residents, addressing educational underachievement, health inequalities, training and unemployment, community cohesion, isolation and loneliness and much more.

We have had a huge positive impact on our children, youth, women and girls, vulnerable and elderly and the community over the 40 years. We have pioneered ground breaking projects and recognised for them – to highlight:

  • formation of first BAME Housing Association from BYO.
  • supporting 215 unemployed, disengaged, not in education or learning young people into positive destination through our ‘FreshStart’ project.
  • our efforts to bring our diverse communities together, through Youth in Common project, building tolerance, respect and understanding, recognised with invitation to Buckingham Palace.
  • Young person from BYO invited to 10 Downing Street to meet Prime minister.